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Welcome to Zintracom

Our Mission is to make Your Business Marketing Solutions and Results Amazing!

We help business owners by planning and then managing all aspects of social media and digital marketing campaigns.

We're based in Swindon in Wiltshire, as it's a wonderful place to live and work. However, we do offer our digital marketing services to business owners across the UK.

So, first things first! Can we just take a moment to check where your business marketing plan stands today?

  • Do you have a digital or traditional business marketing plan that is clearly broken down into specific measurable targets for the next 3 to 12 months?
  • Are you planning to launch either a new product or a service?
  • Is the company planning to grow through increased sales to new and existing clients?
  • Do you want to dramatically increase your business profits?
  • Have you a financial and growth strategy plan with suitable resources in place to achieve this?
  • Would you be interested in doubling your sales over the next 12 months?

You already understand the importance of using as many aspects of digital business marketing as possible, to drive more traffic, so can we just check what you are doing on-line?

  • Is your website already fully mobile and multi-screen size compatible?
  • Did you spend lots of time and money getting your existing website on line?
  • Have you employed someone to get a Facebook or other social media page set up?
  • Do you blog and have relevant social media links in prominent places on the website?
  • Are you finding that there is barely a trickle of visitors to it?
  • When customers find your site, do any of them actually contact you, or leave their details?
  • Do web page visitors actually buying anything?
  • Is there an incentive and an easy way for them contact you, leave their email address or ask to receive more information?
  • Are you keeping a track of the traffic statistics by using a website analysis system?
  • Is every enquiry followed up automatically either digitally or manually?
  • Do you have repeat sales and regularly offer existing customers great incentives to revisit your pages?

We can take away the pain of setting up and monitoring some individual specific parts or almost all of this digital marketing function. This will leave you free to run your business, spend time with your family, take a holiday or focus on a new hobby. You will find that our fees will be less than the total business cost overheads incurred by employing a full time member of staff.

Use our SEO Strategies for Rapid Traffic Growth

Let's work with you to improve the quality of the website traffic and drive business through a range social media strategies. Our teams' customer engagement, tracking, follow up and conversion techniques work really well for virtually all business niches. We ensure that we drive high volumes of visitors who are interested in your company or product to your website. A high number of these visitors will convert to paying customers and you will rapidly see your business sales and profits increase.

If you are already getting some traffic, is the cost per new customer affordable? Do you know that the ratio of visits to conversions is acceptably profitable? We can help you to look at all aspects of your marketing and advertising plans and results so that you can see exactly what is giving the best return on funds invested. This will then enable us to put proposals in place to sky rocket your business rather than it going off like a damp squib!

Many business owners discover that it is easy to overlook spending the time to plan the next years' marketing and advertising budget. They then struggle to keep a track of how well each aspect is performing against the planned funding investment and profitability returns.

We can help you by reviewing your existing sales and marketing ideas and working with you to put specific measurable targets in place for the next 3 to 12 months whether for a specific product only or a clear service niche.

Our Digital, SEO and Social Marketing Strategies Take away your pain!

What we aim to achieve for our clients is to take away the pain of trying to keep up with a broad range of new digital marketing methods and systems.

We do this by agreeing some clear goals that you want to achieve. We get on with working to those aims while you concentrate on what you do best - running your business.

If you are sitting there with your head in your hands, worrying over how to drive more targeted sales to your business, then you need to click here and talk with us NOW

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The whole team are looking forward to working with you!